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Last food orders taken at 9.00pm

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Jax Bar & Grill Menu

Snacking / Sharing

All our snacking / sharing food is available in single and sharing sizes.

Single / Sharing

Beef Dripping Chips (V) (GF) £3.00 / £5.00

Cheesy Chips (V) (GF) £3.50 / £5.00

Popcorn Chicken £4.50 / £6.00

Battered Onion Rings (V) £3.50 / £5.00

Tempura Fried Pickles £4.50 / £6.00

Salt & Pepper Squid £6.50 / £8.50

Mozzarella & Gouda Bites £5.00 / £7.00

Battered Haddock Goujons £6.00 / £8.00

Chilli Loaded Nachos (GF) £6.00 / £8.00

Pepperoni Pizza Chips £6.00 / £8.50

Spanish Style Baguettes – Available until 5.30pm

Served on white or brown baguettes, served with Jax Salad and homemade coleslaw

Chicken & Bacon £6.00
Served with Grain Mustard and Spring Onion Mayonnaise

Home-Cooked Ham £5.00
Served with Dijon mustard

Fresh Crab £7.00
Served with Chilli & Herb Mayo / Coriander / Lime

Steak & Red Onion £8.00
Served with Grilled Mushrooms / Cotehill Blue Cheese

BLT  Classic £6.00
Served with Heritage Tomatoes / Shredded Iceberg / Back Bacon

Atlantic Prawn & Crayfish £7.00
Served with Whisky-Laced Marie Rose Sauce

Avocado Mousse £5.00
Served with Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables (V)

Tomato & Mozzarella £6.00
Served with Basil Pesto / Wild Rocket (V)

Why not add chips, fries or sweet potato fries  £3.00
Jacket Potatoes – Available until 5.30pm

Served with Jax Salad and Homemade Coleslaw

Chicken & Bacon £6.00
Served with grain mustard and spring onion mayonnaise

Avocado Mousse £6.00 
Served with Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables (V) (GF)

Fresh Crab £7.50 
Served with Chilli & Herb Mayo / Coriander / Lime (GF)

Atlantic Prawn & Crayfish £8.00 
Served with Whisky-Laced Marie Rose Sauce (GF)

Chilli Con Carne (GF) £6.50

Baked Beans & Melted Cheese (GF) £5.00

Our Famous Fish & Chips

Our famous fish & chips are served with beer batter, chippy chips and mushy peas or curry sauce
Gluten free option also available

8-10oz regular Grimsby haddock £10.00

12-14oz regular Grimsby haddock £14.00

Join us on a Wednesday (all day ) and Friday ( until 6pm ) to enjoy a regular haddock for £7.95 or a jumbo for £10.95

2X 4oz Patties, Burger Sauce, Lettuce & Tomato, Beef Dripping Chips and Homemade Coleslaw

Classic Naked £10.00 

Our Classic Naked Burger for the Traditionalist

English £11.00
Monterey Jack Cheese & Bacon

Dirty £12.00 
Pulled Pork, Jack Cheese & Onion rings

Carnage £12.00 
Beef Chilli, Jack Cheese, Nachos & Jalapenos

Bad Boy £13.00 
Blue Stilton, Bacon & Onion rings

Texas £12.00 
BBQ Sauce, Monterey Jack Cheese & Onion rings

Black & Blue £13.00
Field Mushrooms & Blue Stilton

The Bigger Mac £16.00
4x 4oz Patties, Big Mac Sauce, Iceberg Lettuce & Gherkins

Challenger £16.00
4x 4oz Patties – LEAVE THE REST TO US!!

Southern Fried Chicken Breast £12.00 
Hash Brown, Monterey Jack Cheese and Salsa

Extra Patty or Chicken Breast  £4.00
Join us on a Monday Any 2 Burgers
(Excluding Doubles) £15.00
Jax Slow Cooked Baby Back Ribs & Kicking Chicken

With your Choice of Glaze
Sticky BBQ, Jack Daniels, Honey Mustard, Buffalo, Piri Piri or 999 *WARNING EXTREMELY HOT*

Half Rack of Ribs (GF) £10.00
Served with salad

Full Rack of Ribs (GF) £15.00
Served with salad

Jax Kickin Chicken wings
5 for £5  –  10 for £9  –  15 for £13

JFC Boneless Chicken Strips
5 for £6  –  10 for £10  –  15 for £14

Homemade 10″ Stonebaked Pizza

Full Pizza or Platter (Half Pizza with Chips & slaw)

Garlic Pizza Bread (V) £6.00

Garlic Pizza Bread (V) £7.00

Garlic Pizza Bread (V) £7.50
Tomato & Mozzarella

Margherita (V) £9.00
Tomato, Mozzarella & Basil

Meat Feast £12.00
Steak, Bacon Lardons, Pepperoni, Pulled Pork, Chicken & Mozzarella

Ranch £12.00
Chicken, Bacon Lardons & Mozzarella

Veggie (V) £9.00
Red Peppers, Courgettes, Aubergine, Onions, Mozzarella & Jalapenos

Mexicana £10.00
Beef Chilli, Mozzarella, Red Onions & Jalapenos

Pepperoni £10.00
Double Pepperoni & Double Mozzarella

Tandoori Chicken £11.00
Red Onions & Roasted Peppers

Jax Steaks & Grills

Served with beef dripping chips, salad garnish, roasted field mushroom and vine tomato

10oz Rump £15.00
Less tender than other steaks but with a lot of flavour

10oz Sirloin £17.00
Big beefy flavour with the right amount of fat for cooking

10oz Rib-Eye £18.00
Juicy marbled fat is the key to the rib-eyes appeal

20oz T-Bone £26.00
Sirloin on one side of the bone, fillet on the other

10oz Fillet £28.00
The most tender and leanest cut with a subtle flavour

Surfs Up! add 6 crispy King Prawns to any steak for just £5.00

Peri Peri Chicken Breast (GF)  £12.00

Cajun Salmon (GF) £13.00 

Farmhouse Grills (GF) £14.00 
Served with gammon, black pudding, sausage and fried egg

Mixed Grill £26.00 
10oz rump, gammon, lamb chop, sausages and a fried egg

* T-Bone Tuesday:
Two 20oz T-Bones with all the trimmings £29.95
Not Available from 1st December 2019 to 6th January 2020
Old School

Served with Jax Salad and homemade coleslaw

Chilli Con Carne  £10.00 
Served with rice and tortilla chips

Wholetail Whitby Scampi £10.00 
Served with chippy chips and garden peas

Homemade Beef Lasagne £10.00 
Served with Jax salad, coleslaw and garlic bread

Homemade Beef & Ale Pie £12.00 
Hereford Beef & Ale, chips, mushy peas and a jug of gravy

Chicken & Chorizo Tagliatelle £12.00 
Rocket and sun dried tomatoes

Hunters Chicken £12.00 
Served with BBQ sauce, bacon, cheese, chips and salad

And on a Sunday

Served with Roast & new potatoes, honey roasted carrots & parsnips, braised red cabbage, swede & carrot mash, yorkshire pudding, seasonal greens and sausage meat stuffing.

Roast Hereford beef  £13.00 

Slow cooked Belly Pork £13.00 

Roasted Free Range Chicken Breast £12.00 

Braised Beef £14.00 

Homemade Vegetable Wellington (V) £12.00 

Homemade Steak Pie Sunday Lunch £14.00 

10oz Fillet of Hereford Beef £25.00 

Lincolnshire Lamb Shank  £14.00 

Sides & Sauces

Steak Sauces £3.00 
Creamy Peppercorn, Dianne, Port & Stilton, Béarnaise Sauces

Beef Dripping Chips (GF) £3.00 

Onion Rings (GF) £3.50 

Jax Salad (GF) £3.00 

Fries (GF) £3.00 

Sweet Potato Fries (GF) £3.50 

Buttery Mash (GF) £3.00 

Braised Red Cabbage (GF)(v) £3.00 

Honey Roasted Autumn Vegetables (GF)(v) £3.50 

Cauliflower Cheese (v) £4.00 

All our Wing/Rib Sauces available as a side  £3.00 

Truffle & Parmesan Chips (GF) £3.50 

Upgrade your Chips
Cheesy  £0.50 

Sweet Potato Fries £1.00

Pizza  £2.00

Pizza Topping (each) £0.75

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